Happy 4/20!

Besides our birthdays and anniversary, today one of our favorite days of the year! It’s also the perfect time to reveal some good news! #avaeats has been asked to be the official cannabis content curator for the colored palate!

“Imagine if food media was truly inclusive and diverse. Imagine if it told food stories told by people who’ve lived and breathed it. Imagine learning food culture, history, recipes and techniques directly from the source. Imagine American food media that reflected America. Imagine if everyone truly, had a seat at the table. Food media curated and created by people who look like and represent you: podcasts, documentaries, web series, cooking shows, art and events.”

I got this cookbook to get started on my own experimenting: Ganja Kitchen Revolution by Jessica Catalano.

Check out the colored palate here!


#avaeats 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

#avaeats 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Hello December! The Christmas countdown has started for me: I have 24 days left to get a handful of gifts Chéo, my tribe, my office Secret Santa and my mom. While I have tunnel vision to buy gifts for my loved ones, I always make a note of anything I see that I may like for myself. Here are 12 of my favorite food-ish finds, in case anyone wants to bless me this Christmas.

Please note: I’m not receiving any type of compensation for posting these gifts, all items were found out of pure internet-surfing boredom.

1 katespadejigger

Two of a Kind Less/More Jigger – Kate Spade
Did someone say jigger shot? This Less/More jigger from Kate Spade is the perfect way to glam up your bar!



BFFs: Chicken and Waffle Hard Enamel Lapel Pins – Minimalust Studio
Chicken and Waffles has become one of those random cravings for me. I wear my heart on my sleeve; with this, I can wear my craving on my lapel! Or I can give one to my BFF. Sorry Christina, I’m cutting you out of this one!




Bitches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt – alwaysfits.com
This Is Fucking Delicious Oven Mitt – alwaysfits.com
I’m convinced I’ve inherited a tongue that cusses like I sailor from my daddy—I use the term “get shit done” almost daily. I literally lost my shit when I saw these oven mitts floating around Facebook.



Unicorn Tea Set – Angioletti Designs
I wouldn’t be me without a sprinkle of unicorn somewhere on my list. This gorgeous tea set includes a 23oz teapot, 2 cups with saucers, a creamer and a sugar bowl. What I love about the Angioletti Designs shop is their flexibility—if you’re not a unicorn lover but you love the style of the set, they can customize the decal for you! And they have payment plans! It gets no better!
5 gabriellecookbook

Peace, Love & Good Food (thanksmas edition) – Gabrielle McBay
This is the one thing on the list that I’m not asking for—because I already have it! I’ve been following Gabrielle on twitter for a while, so once she started dropping these cookbook tweets, I stalked her a bit until she released it. She even included some hacks and prep tips that I greatly appreciate!

6 wakebake

Wake & Bake Spoon Set – SSEngraving
Imagine eating brownie batter off of these!



Porcelain Popcorn Pin – Monochromatiques
I’m not the biggest popcorn fan—I hate having things stuck in my teeth—but how can you not love the realism of this pin?

8 michael aram sp

Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Shakers – Michael Aram
Everyone needs gold-tone salt and pepper shakers, because yes. Each Michael Aram piece is handmade, so no two items are exactly alike—talk about lavishly unique.

9 cheeseboardVienna Transforming Bamboo Cheese Board Set – A Picnic at Ascot
I love a charcuterie platter, it really is the simplest way to make sure your guests—and even you—have something to nibble on. With levels and a hidden drawer for the tools, this is how you elevate your bad & boujee.



Eco Resin Platter – Nanna Woo Handmade
I found this shop on Instagram a few months ago and instantly fell in love with this Eco Resin collection. I saw a video of the process to make a plate from start to finish and I was mesmerized. I just love gold flakes!

11 mackenziechilds cookiejar

Courtly Check Cookie Jar – MacKenzie-Childs
Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite movies and this cookie jar just screams Tim Burton’s rendition.

12 munchies pillow

Munchies – Plusheez
Because you really can’t have one without the other.

Happy Hella Late Thanksgiving!

My phone has been on the fritz lately—you know how iPhones get once a new one is released—so I’ve been a bit unplugged from my phone and glued to my iPad on WiFi. I couldn’t take a decent photo for almost three weeks! But I’m back in business!

Happy hella late Thanksgiving!

Simone and her family opened their Atlanta home and table to Chéo and I, and we instantly felt like we’ve been down with the crew since forever. I finally met her Chéo’s doppelganger/her husband, Carlos, and their adorable baby girl, Aria. Sim’s mom and her wife, Hilda and T, are definitely couple and family goals—so warm, loving, hospitable, and hilarious!


This was my first American* Thanksgiving so visions of mac & cheese and sweet potatoes danced in my head on the hour-long drive as I balanced a pan of pumpkin cheesecake brownies and a Baileys cheesecake/chocolate cake on my lap. The other sumptuousness: mashed potatoes, brisket, green beans, cranberry sauce, gumbo and rice, cornbread stuffing and the juiciest fried turkey I’ve ever had! I never show up to anyone’s home empty-handed, so that pan of brownies and cake I balanced on the way over was my dessert contribution. I tried something new with both recipes and got rave reviews!

We left at the end of the night with leftovers, a new family, and a little something extra.


*I had to explain to Christina what I mean by an American thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn’t really celebrated in the West Indies, so it’s just another cook-up day to be with family. While my American friends would have mac & cheese and sweet potatoes and turkey, we’d have a few of those dishes along with roti, curry and callaloo.

Eating For Work: When There’s Smoke.

Maybe four months ago, my office building had their scheduled fire drill.

Fast forward to October.

I’m in the bathroom and the fire alarm goes off. I run into the office to find El Jefe and his crew have left the office for their usual Friday lunch. Great. My survival instinct kicks in since the girls in the office were panicking, and I followed the procedure to safely evacuate the building. *

Our designated meeting spot is Gabby O’Hara’s on 39th Street, which is also their usual lunch spot, so it was only right that we crashed the party!


*So, you’re supposed to pick up the Fire Warden phone in the hallway and wait for instructions. While the majority of the girls took flight, I had Eman pick up the phone. Juan, the lobby security, said it was smoke in the freight elevator and it was nothing. Excuse me? No thanks—I’m out!

Airport Eating.

Chicken tenders and Panda Express in the airport can only mean one thing: it’s the west coast event season and I am in the thick of it! Currently enjoying my strawberry oatmeal and bacon from the comfort of my desk because it’s an off week, I’m scrolling through my camera roll with a smile because I’ve been sitting on some pretty good content. If i didn’t pass out on every flight, that would be the ideal time to write—but I do, so I can’t.

I’ll get it all posted somehow.
*I am the queen of Snapchat filters when I’m on the road.

Happy (Shotgun) Thanksgiving!

Yesterday morning, I had absolutely no intention of writing a thanksgiving post- let’s just say I wasn’t in the holiday spirit. Chéo shared my sentiments, as he wasn’t able to come to NYC for the weekend. After a few minutes of complaining how sad we were to each other, I was on the American Airlines website booking a ticket to Greensboro. 

I’m thankful for same-day round trip tickets priced under $300!

I finished my work day and headed straight to the airport- no clothes, no luggage, just the Nike tracksuit on my back and Uggs on my feet. 

Due to LaGuardia’s lovely construction project taking place (thanks Skanska), their confusing terminals, and their extremely slow shuttle bus, I missed my flight by a few minutes. To make matters worse, I had a layover in Washington D.C..

I’m thankful for the kind people at the American Airlines customer service desk for rebooking me on the next direct flight out for free!

Fast forward to 1am on thanksgiving morning, Chéo and I were putting together some type of menu for two in the aisles of Walmart. We usually have the most random carts: we’ve left the supermarket with milk, eggs, bread, and frying pans, and Febreze. Let’s see what I can come up with. 

Happy (unconventional) shotgun thanksgiving!