Random Cravings


I woke up craving this shrimp and bacon sauce Shanice, my high school friend/godson’s mom, made to top her grits*. With the smoky and salty flavors from the bacon, plump and juicy shrimp, lots of fresh scallion and parsley, and fresh lemon juice for a kick, I couldn’t wait to recreate it!

Since Shanice used grits as her vessel, I went with my other favorite thing in the world—steak!

I invited Danica over for lunch, just so I’d have someone to cook for.


*Of course I didn’t eat the grits! I cringe at just the thought!


Chéo’s Birthday at the Clover Club

Chéo’s Birthday at the Clover Club

With a job like mine, we’ve had to figure out other times and ways to celebrate Chéo’s birthday because I’m always scheduled to be in Arizona that weekend. Last year, I went down to Greensboro the weekend before. This year, he drove up to Brooklyn, so we were able to fit in dinner between leaving my office Friday and my Saturday morning flight. 
My focus this birthday was more on the cocktails than dinner, so I looked into a few speakeasies and champagne bars. Per the usual, I gave Chéo a few options: he chose Clover Club. 

Their cocktail menu is categorized, which I thoroughly appreciated. The Royals are made with champagne or sparkling wine; I had the Lady Madonna, made with blanco tequila, raspberry, crème de mure, lemon and prosecco. Chéo chose one of their Off Season Tiki cocktails: theHighland Diver made with scotch whiskey, cream of coconut, pineapple, lemon, honey and cinnamon. We actually had two of each!

Like always, we ordered the mac and cheese: baked with gruyere, white cheddar, smoked Heritage Pork Bacon and garlic breadcrumbs. It could’ve used a little more cheese, but it was tasty and the bacon made it a hit!

Steak frites was on the menu but I decided to switch it up a little and order the buttermilk fried chicken. Clover Club has some unexpectedly bomb ass fried chicken! My plate had the juiciest drumstick and deboned chicken breast I’ve ever eaten in NYC. I could be lying, but if I am, the Clover Club’s fried chicken has made the others a non-factor. It was drizzled with hot sauce and honey, and served over a house-made slaw. 

Remember those memes that say the only way to eat coleslaw is to throw it in the trash? Yea, not this one! It wasn’t swimming in mayonnaise and it had a great balance of sweet and zing from the carrots and vinegar. 

Chéo’s prime beef burger had some textural issues, which is very disappointing because I had such high hopes for his birthday meal. The cheddar-mornay spread along with the caramelized onions was just too much of a mush, and the soft brioche bun didn’t help much either. 
The waitress asked how everything was and we mentioned the burger. They comped it!
I’ll definitely be dining at the Clover Club again- hopefully soon! That fried chicken was so good, it could definitely be a weekly habit. 

Happy birthday my love. Another birthday is another year of you growing as a man and us growing as a family. Until the next one…

Bad Gyals at Angels

::cues 2Chains:: Yea I luv dem strippers…

I’ve been hearing for years that strip clubs have great food, so when a few of the girls from highs school wanted to have a ladies’ night—I was in!


It was an entertaining and very interesting experience, to say the least.

I don’t remember much of the menu, probably because I was a bit skeptical as a strip club virgin, but everything in life should come with a side of fries—even big ol’ booties!




Ramen with Nia

When I heard Nia (@EatWithNia) was taking a stab at ramen for the first time, I volunteered to be her guinea pig. Nia pulled out the most beautiful pork belly from the oven. She got to carving and we got to sampling—very moist and tender.


Nia added egg noodles, bean sprouts and seaweed before adding the broth she was working on for hours. I’ve never had authentic ramen—I guess it’s not something I’m dying to try yet—but it was pretty tasty for my first go. Nia started thinking out loud about what she’d change to make improvements, she’s that serious about her ramen. I’m just waiting for the next test run!



*today’s yo’ burfday gurl! Happy birthday boo!

Airport Eating.

Chicken tenders and Panda Express in the airport can only mean one thing: it’s the west coast event season and I am in the thick of it! Currently enjoying my strawberry oatmeal and bacon from the comfort of my desk because it’s an off week, I’m scrolling through my camera roll with a smile because I’ve been sitting on some pretty good content. If i didn’t pass out on every flight, that would be the ideal time to write—but I do, so I can’t.

I’ll get it all posted somehow.
*I am the queen of Snapchat filters when I’m on the road.

Pearl’s for the Culture.

Pearl’s for the Culture.

When Chéo said we’d be spending Labor Day in Brooklyn this year, I automatically thought back to last year and how we ended up at j’eatjet. I pretty much spent the morning calling restaurants to find out if they were open—but not this time! I did my research, found quite a few restaurants that would be open, but we still ended up at Pearl’s in Williamsburg, for the culture.

Each visit to Pearl’s, I try something new—last time was the tamarind wings. As much as I would’ve loved to have an order, we went with the sweet plantains, served with a tamarind chili sauce. I’d never had a crunchy plantain until then: it seemed to have had a light flour-coating that added a much-needed texture once paired with the sauce. It was a pleasant surprise and definitely a dish I’ll be trying at home, as soon as I figure out how to make tamarind sauce.img_8023

I had a few tastes of his Trini rum punch; that was definitely a hit! I got my usual bake and shrimp, Chéo ordered a bake and jerk chicken with a side of avocado, and of course the macaroni pie.

It was a short drive to OddFellows to get ice cream for dessert. Their ice cream is so creamy and smooth, I had to put Chéo on. Instead, he ordered a milkshake. ::rolls eyes::


Brunch and candids: our NYC Labor Day tradition. The traffic we hit was horrible, but we were surrounded by the sounds of the Caribbean, and that was home to us.