We Bought a Grill!


I had no intention of being in NYC for the 4th of July—you already know I beelined it to Greensboro. I knew I had to feed Chéo and myself, and we both knew our friends would come over because I’m in town, so why not get ourselves a mini grill? At 14 inches, it sits perfectly in the corner of the patio–ain’t it cute? Right in time for grilling season too!

A little bit of our menu: sriracha-Jack Daniels barbecue wings, grilled asparagus, cucumber and tomato salad—at least what was left when I remembered to take a picture—and burgers stuffed with bacon cheese.



The nearest Trader Joe’s is half an hour away. Yes, we drove to Winston-Salem just for some bacon cheese.

We tried making s’mores at the end of the night, but we soon learned that toasting the marshmallows over the charcoal wasn’t the most conducive. I’ll have to rethink our s’mores-making tactics.

Thanks for the day off ‘murica!


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

During our baecation to San Francisco back in March, we found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Chéo has a sweet tooth like my dad- somewhat uncontrollable- so we just had to go inside.

In the words of Chéo, this was some fat shit…

..but we loved every second in here! The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory had chocolates I’d never imagined, like Snickers-stuffed marshmallows and chocolate-covered s’mores.


They had the usual candied and caramel apples, a childhood favorite of mine, and added mini M&M’s, chocolate chips, even white and dark marbled chocolate!


That chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake caught my eye, but we’d already had so much chocolate on the counter I decided to save it for our next baecation to SF.

img_5336This is the face one makes after spending over $70 in sugar and stuff: caramel apples, white chocolate covered Rice Krispies, Kahlua bonbons, snow clusters, and a bunch of souvenir half mugs.

Smorgasburg: Excell Kingston Eatery

The Smorgasburg in Williamsburg is exactly that- a smorgasbord of any and everything you could possible crave in a lifetime. I hooked up with my fellow food-loving introvert, Christina, and walked through the gates with an open mind and stomach. 

But all that went right back out the gate once someone walked by holding a coconut.

We walked towards the direction the coconut-sippers were coming from and were pleased to find Excell Kingston Eatery. I get excited at the sight of a jerk drum. I guess I’m sticking to what I know!


A quarter jerk chicken with rice & peas, plantains, and their signature yardie slaw; for $12, my belly was full and I was satisfied. Christina ordered festival, a fried cornmeal dumpling, with her jerk chicken.

We tried a few of their sauces with our chicken: Mama Renz Sweet and Spicy & BBQ Jerk sauces. They definitely added a little extra kick to the meat. The combination of heat, sweet, and char had my taste buds dancing nonstop.

I had to hold my coconut between my knees because I just wanted to eat!


img_3993We both had to walk off our meals. We really didn’t expect it to be as filling as it was! We wandered around Williamsburg and a few people stopped me to ask where I got my coconut. Of course, I pointed everyone in the direction of Excell. We even stumbled upon my boy Cory who shouted out “island queen” from across the street. 

 Christina and I have a few upcoming Smorgasburg trips before it’s over for the season. So many food vendors, so little time!

Using a machete, or what we call a cutlass, the top of the coconut is chopped off, revealing the perfect drinking spout. 

Happy Father’s Day. 

My childhood was a little full house-esque. My dad’s best friend, who then became my godfather, was by my side since day one. They went to culinary school together, then cooked for me at home together. My godfather would come take care of my mom while daddy was at work- mom always told me stories. I remember one year for Thanksgiving, my godfather had this genius idea to debone the turkey and stuff it with his seafood stuffing. When it was done, my dad said it looked like roadkill. 

I miss these two terribly. 

Happy Father’s Day daddy & poppy. 

Time to Ketchup!

Get it? 

I know I’m cheesy- who gon’ check me boo?*

Since Thursday marked the end of my spring season at work, I took advantage of the weekend and spent an extra day in San Francisco. When on the west coast, In N Out is a must! We rounded up whomever was left at the hotel and hopped in a Uber and made sure we got animal-style burgers for my Manda Panda’s birthday. Check out the party hat!



I’m currently on a connecting flight from PHX to JFK, I’m taking this opportunity to go through my camera roll to see what I’ve yet to post! Trust, it’s a lot! Between random food adventures with the squad, dinners with El Jefe, baecation and eating on the road with Chéo, and just random shenanigans, I have so much to write about!

Oh, and twitter temporarily froze my #avaeats handle. Like, it just happened yesterday. I’m actually quite distraught but even more pissed that they’ve yet to call me with the code I need to verify my account! ::rolls eyes::

Stay tuned…


img_2158-1*I watch a good bit of reality television outside of binge watching the Food Network/Hell’s Kitchen/Master Chef. With that said, I have an arsenal of one-liners from a bunch of different shows I use on the regular. From Erica Mena’s “You can’t handle my mouth…” to Nene Leek’s “I said what I said…” I’m convinced I have an applicable saying for everything. If not, I definitely have a worthy meme!