Jay’s Baked.

At my high school reunion, I connected with an old classmate whose boyfriend makes edibles. Once I told her I wanted to feature some edible companies on #avaeats, she gave me his card for Jay’s Baked. Thanks for being the plug, Cyn!

I love traveling, but I’m not the biggest fan of flying. My anxiety goes through the roof, so I need a little help staying calm. Chéo and I were taking a baecation to San Francisco- that’s almost a six hour flight from NYC- so I figured trying some edibles might help.

Fruity Pebbles cereal treats wrapped in gold (on the other side.) They had the usual weedy smell, but not the overbearing taste you get with some edibles. It was so tasty, I couldn’t help but eat the whole thing! I definitely felt a little fuzzy after about half an hour, which is usual for me*. I had a great two hour nap in the beginning of my flight so it definitely served its purpose!

I recommended Jay’s Baked to a friend who came back to me with a good report as well. You have to spread the love!

To order from Jay’s Baked, email him at Jaysbaked@gmail or DM him on Twitter at @jaysbaked.

*Some people hallucinate and trip when they eat edibles, but not me. I eat, I sit, I fall asleep – that’s it.

It’s Weed Week!

From the psychoactive properties of THC to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, I find everything about the science of infusing weed and food is mesmerizing!

I love binge watching Bong Appetit just to see the different techniques of infusing. They made weed rice with a water soluble CBD and my mind was blown. Then they fried a whole gigantic pot leaf, tossed it in a kief blend, and just started nibbling! I honestly can’t put into words how exciting it was to watch- definitely dinner party goals for the future. 

In honor of Weed Week, I’ll be posting anything and everything I can find about weed, food, and their happy union. I’ll even shout out a few edibles companies!

This should be fun: happy (high) eating!