Happy (Belated) National Ice Cream Day

img_6422I double scooped Ice Ice Baby (triple vanilla) and Dough Boy (chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate brownie dough pieces) for National Ice Cream Day at Mikey Likes It! I really wanted to try the flavor of the month, Forrest Gum, but every time I came back to get it, it was either being remade or sold out! Think about it, it’s ice cream with strawberry crumb cheesecake and blueberry compote covered pound cake—no wonder it sells out so quickly!

Mikey Likes It
199 Avenue A
New York, NY

Pretty Please Bake Shop

You can’t recommend what you don’t know, and since this is the only bakery I know of in San Francisco, it’s the only one I can recommend!

But this is an excellent recommendation! With Chéo, carrot cake is king, so when baecation planning went into effect, I made it my duty to blindly find a bakery from across the country. 

Yelp will never steer you wrong!

My San Francisco bakery search brought me to Pretty Please Bake Shop. Not only were the ladies of Pretty Please a pleasure to work with, but the carrot cake we blindly selected was ah-mazing! Super moist and not painfully sweet flavorful, we had a few for dessert after dinner, then some more for breakfast the following day!

I was able to send them these isomalt crystal cake toppers I got from Lucitini Cakes on Etsy. I squealed when I saw the finished product- our cupcakes were beautiful!

I’m currently following Pretty Please on instagram, and what these ladies do with cakes is nothing short of jaw dropping! They even made the 2017 birthday cake for the Golden State Warriors, so you know their cakes are legit!



Shout out to Lucitini Cakes- we definitely didn’t expect those isomalt crystals to be as tasty as they were!



Pretty Please Bake Shop
291 3rd Ave
San Francisco, CA


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

During our baecation to San Francisco back in March, we found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Chéo has a sweet tooth like my dad- somewhat uncontrollable- so we just had to go inside.

In the words of Chéo, this was some fat shit…

..but we loved every second in here! The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory had chocolates I’d never imagined, like Snickers-stuffed marshmallows and chocolate-covered s’mores.


They had the usual candied and caramel apples, a childhood favorite of mine, and added mini M&M’s, chocolate chips, even white and dark marbled chocolate!


That chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake caught my eye, but we’d already had so much chocolate on the counter I decided to save it for our next baecation to SF.

img_5336This is the face one makes after spending over $70 in sugar and stuff: caramel apples, white chocolate covered Rice Krispies, Kahlua bonbons, snow clusters, and a bunch of souvenir half mugs.

Happy 420!

I know the date is stamped 4.21. It’s still 4.20, it’s just 10:45 PM.


Happy 420! I got some edibles from Sugar High Bakes that I can’t wait to try! Confetti cake and crème brûlée cookies, infused with weed? Infused with weed?! Gimme that!

A friend had a third of a cookie the other evening and ended up roaming the city for a few hours – I promise it won’t that have that effect on me, I’ll report soon. 

Unicorn Easter.

I wanted to think of something simple that everyone can enjoy when deciding how to deliver a sugar rush to the office this week. The thought processes didn’t take too long though: Golden or Double Stuffed, who doesn’t love Oreos?

I’m not the biggest white chocolate fan, so this little project was solely for visual pleasure, but Chéo and my boss loved them! They’re so pretty, definitely unicorn-esque!

I’m excited to try these at a much larger scale this summer!