Happy 420!

I know the date is stamped 4.21. It’s still 4.20, it’s just 10:45 PM.


Happy 420! I got some edibles from Sugar High Bakes that I can’t wait to try! Confetti cake and crème brûlée cookies, infused with weed? Infused with weed?! Gimme that!

A friend had a third of a cookie the other evening and ended up roaming the city for a few hours – I promise it won’t that have that effect on me, I’ll report soon. 

Unicorn Easter.

I wanted to think of something simple that everyone can enjoy when deciding how to deliver a sugar rush to the office this week. The thought processes didn’t take too long though: Golden or Double Stuffed, who doesn’t love Oreos?

I’m not the biggest white chocolate fan, so this little project was solely for visual pleasure, but Chéo and my boss loved them! They’re so pretty, definitely unicorn-esque!

I’m excited to try these at a much larger scale this summer!