#avaeats Kinda Tries Vegan

I hung out with my friend Nathalie from Doose NYC over the weekend. She joined me and my mom at the Parkinson’s Unity Walk again to walk in honor of my dad, followed by a brunch I wasn’t pleased with so I won’t mention. We talk nonstop whenever we’re together, and she ended up telling me about the vegan shop up Market Hotel in Bushwick. She was already going so I decided to tag along. 

I’m an equal opportunity eater, so why not try some vegan food?

I was hungry- like, a double shack burger from Shake Shack, hungry. To keep it funky: I would’ve been pissed if I bought something from one of the vegan vendors and wasn’t satisfied, so I figured I’d try some desserts. 

Baby steps. 

As we walked around and checked out everyone’s tables, a brightly colored bag caught my eye. We made our way to the Luminous Organics table just to look, and I was pleasantly surprised to find popcorn! My eyes were drawn to the pink Himalayan salt flavored bag. I tried one of the samples on the table and was pleasantly pleased. This flavor is tossed in coconut oil: a pleasant change since I like a little extra butter and salt in my popcorn. For $4, I couldn’t not leave with a bag!

Back to finding desserts.

I walked past a toasted marshmallow during my first lap around the market. I love toasted marshmallows, I’ll tell the makeshift camp fire story in another post. Luckily, it was atop of a (Not So) Rocky Road Brownie at Gone Pie Bakery’s table. A fudge brownie filled with marshmallows, dipped in chocolate, and topped with a toasted marshmallow: it was so rich and decadent and fudgy! 

Nathalie bought one of their coconut cream pies with fresh blueberries to bring home- it smelled so good!

A successful afternoon at the market, but I ate a pepperoni slice after we left. Sorry, not sorry!

Jay’s Baked.

At my high school reunion, I connected with an old classmate whose boyfriend makes edibles. Once I told her I wanted to feature some edible companies on #avaeats, she gave me his card for Jay’s Baked. Thanks for being the plug, Cyn!

I love traveling, but I’m not the biggest fan of flying. My anxiety goes through the roof, so I need a little help staying calm. Chéo and I were taking a baecation to San Francisco- that’s almost a six hour flight from NYC- so I figured trying some edibles might help.

Fruity Pebbles cereal treats wrapped in gold (on the other side.) They had the usual weedy smell, but not the overbearing taste you get with some edibles. It was so tasty, I couldn’t help but eat the whole thing! I definitely felt a little fuzzy after about half an hour, which is usual for me*. I had a great two hour nap in the beginning of my flight so it definitely served its purpose!

I recommended Jay’s Baked to a friend who came back to me with a good report as well. You have to spread the love!

To order from Jay’s Baked, email him at Jaysbaked@gmail or DM him on Twitter at @jaysbaked.

*Some people hallucinate and trip when they eat edibles, but not me. I eat, I sit, I fall asleep – that’s it.

Happy 420!

I know the date is stamped 4.21. It’s still 4.20, it’s just 10:45 PM.


Happy 420! I got some edibles from Sugar High Bakes that I can’t wait to try! Confetti cake and crème brûlée cookies, infused with weed? Infused with weed?! Gimme that!

A friend had a third of a cookie the other evening and ended up roaming the city for a few hours – I promise it won’t that have that effect on me, I’ll report soon. 

Unicorn Frappuccino

I did it for the culture.

Starbucks dropped their unicorn frappuccino today, and you bet your sweet ass I went out and got one!
According to Starbucks, the frapp is supposed to change colors and flavors, starting sweet and transitioning to sour. 
Well, Starbucks didn’t lie. It’s freakishly sweet! It reminded me of a mango creamsicle crossed with a handful of pixie stix- I didn’t know if my next sip would be sweet, sour, or some combination of both! 

about an hour later.

I’m all for Starbucks and their try at the unicorn frapp though! 

It’s Weed Week!

From the psychoactive properties of THC to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, I find everything about the science of infusing weed and food is mesmerizing!

I love binge watching Bong Appetit just to see the different techniques of infusing. They made weed rice with a water soluble CBD and my mind was blown. Then they fried a whole gigantic pot leaf, tossed it in a kief blend, and just started nibbling! I honestly can’t put into words how exciting it was to watch- definitely dinner party goals for the future. 

In honor of Weed Week, I’ll be posting anything and everything I can find about weed, food, and their happy union. I’ll even shout out a few edibles companies!

This should be fun: happy (high) eating!

Unicorn Easter.

I wanted to think of something simple that everyone can enjoy when deciding how to deliver a sugar rush to the office this week. The thought processes didn’t take too long though: Golden or Double Stuffed, who doesn’t love Oreos?

I’m not the biggest white chocolate fan, so this little project was solely for visual pleasure, but Chéo and my boss loved them! They’re so pretty, definitely unicorn-esque!

I’m excited to try these at a much larger scale this summer!