Fries Before Guys (except mine!)

After our date at Pearl’s, Angelena and I started wandering around Willyburg and stumbled upon the Verameat store. After several laps around the small shop, something pretzel shaped caught my eye. Remember those pretzel studs I wrote about for the Christmas Gift Guide? This is where to get them!

In a corner of store, there’s a board full of keychains and pins. Luckily, I caught the sale—BOGO (buy one, get one half off) for the win!

They had Chinese takeout boxes, milkshakes, pizza slices: I started picking out keychains and the next thing I knew, I had about 10. Now, let’s do some math, shall we? If the keychains were $16.99 with a BOGO and I picked out 10, I was about to spend too damn much on some keychains!

Less is more, so I walked out with only this beauty, but I got Angie a pin from one of her favorite movies, Death Becomes Her, as an early graduation gift.

A very special thanks to the sweetest sales associates there, Rhea & Kali. When I realized where I was, I showed them the gift guide post. Rhea’s promised to stalk my blog, and she even slid in my email with a special offer. I’m definitely going back for more keychains!


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