Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

During our baecation to San Francisco back in March, we found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Chéo has a sweet tooth like my dad- somewhat uncontrollable- so we just had to go inside.

In the words of Chéo, this was some fat shit…

..but we loved every second in here! The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory had chocolates I’d never imagined, like Snickers-stuffed marshmallows and chocolate-covered s’mores.


They had the usual candied and caramel apples, a childhood favorite of mine, and added mini M&M’s, chocolate chips, even white and dark marbled chocolate!


That chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake caught my eye, but we’d already had so much chocolate on the counter I decided to save it for our next baecation to SF.

img_5336This is the face one makes after spending over $70 in sugar and stuff: caramel apples, white chocolate covered Rice Krispies, Kahlua bonbons, snow clusters, and a bunch of souvenir half mugs.


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