Smorgasburg: Excell Kingston Eatery

The Smorgasburg in Williamsburg is exactly that- a smorgasbord of any and everything you could possible crave in a lifetime. I hooked up with my fellow food-loving introvert, Christina, and walked through the gates with an open mind and stomach. 

But all that went right back out the gate once someone walked by holding a coconut.

We walked towards the direction the coconut-sippers were coming from and were pleased to find Excell Kingston Eatery. I get excited at the sight of a jerk drum. I guess I’m sticking to what I know!


A quarter jerk chicken with rice & peas, plantains, and their signature yardie slaw; for $12, my belly was full and I was satisfied. Christina ordered festival, a fried cornmeal dumpling, with her jerk chicken.

We tried a few of their sauces with our chicken: Mama Renz Sweet and Spicy & BBQ Jerk sauces. They definitely added a little extra kick to the meat. The combination of heat, sweet, and char had my taste buds dancing nonstop.

I had to hold my coconut between my knees because I just wanted to eat!


img_3993We both had to walk off our meals. We really didn’t expect it to be as filling as it was! We wandered around Williamsburg and a few people stopped me to ask where I got my coconut. Of course, I pointed everyone in the direction of Excell. We even stumbled upon my boy Cory who shouted out “island queen” from across the street. 

 Christina and I have a few upcoming Smorgasburg trips before it’s over for the season. So many food vendors, so little time!

Using a machete, or what we call a cutlass, the top of the coconut is chopped off, revealing the perfect drinking spout. 

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