It’s STILL My Birthday: Two Urban Licks

No matter where we are, brunch is a must.

Cues the google fingers.

I came across the menu for Two Urban Licks and my mouth watered. I showed it to Chéo, he co-signed the mouth-watering, and we were on our way.

Once we found the entrance*, the sight was nothing short of sexy. We pulled up to the valet and it’s bold and bright exterior only made me wonder what interior was like. Very chic and industrial, inside had live rotating rotisseries, a 26-foot wine on-tap barrel wall, live music, and an amazing view of the downtown skyline.


Just as brunch is a must, so are the mimosas, so when our waiter, Dustin, came to take our drink order, it was a no-brainer. I did some quick math and decided we should order a pitcher to get a little more bang for our buck**.


I was craving something really brunchy– something sweet, like in the pancake and waffle family. Then a waiter walked pass with some type of gigantic burger and that sweet craving got kicked to the curb. I scanned the menu and made the connection: that big ass burger was the Double Double.

Dustin appeared out of nowhere like a State Farm agent. When Chéo asked him about the Double Double, the only word he could use to describe it was “dijonaise” and we were sold.


The wait didn’t seem long, probably because we were having too much fun making Boomerang videos of each other, so I was elated when our plates came out. My eyes danced as they followed the plate from Dustin’s hands to the table. You know how the cartoons back in the day had heart eyes popping out of their heads? If I had to describe what I was feeling, it would be that. I was amazed to see this short rib double patty with red onions, house pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and dijonaise on sesame seed bun that I could barely get my mouth around, accompanied by a mound of hand-cut french fries. My Double Double had double pickles, thanks to my love. So juicy, so flavorful, and so good, the Double Double was definitely one of those burgers I couldn’t not finish. And the fries! My encounters with hand-cut fries can be a real hit or miss, and these were most definitely a hit! To-go box, please and thank you!


We wanted to go back on Super Bowl Sunday for dessert before the game, but many restaurants throughout Atlanta were closing early so we never made it. There’s always next time!


Two Urban Licks
820 Ralph McGill Blvd NE
Atlanta, GA



*You drive into a complex of sorts, follow some signs, go up a ramp, and then you pull up at the valet. Still sexy though!

img_1302**”So we’re just gonna sell you the champagne and throw in a carafe orange juice for free…” Dustin actually returned with the bottle in an ice bucked and the carafe. We usually drink at least two mimosas each at brunch—the bottle gave us four (with a lot of orange juice left!)





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