New Year’s Eve Dinner at B. Christopher’s

New Year’s Eve is a night to party- but when there’s only one party being advertised in Greensboro, we’ll pass. The couples came together and decided to stay in at one of our apartments, play games, pop bottles, and bring in the new year safely. But first, dinner!

I remembered wanting to have dinner at B. Christopher’s steakhouse in downtown Greensboro during one of my prior visits, but never got the opportunity to. After checking out the menu to ensure there was some salmon dish for Chéo- I’d never hear the end of it if there wasn’t- our 9pm reservation was confirmed.


New Year’s Eve, strolling in at 9:10pm: we were a tad late. Once we were seated, our waiter recited the specials ever so eloquently, Ché was impressed with the long-winded sales pitch.

We started with the untraditional caesar salad and a bowl of lobster bisque. The salad was  romaine hearts, smoked on a char-grill, with Caesar dressing and shaved reggiano parmesan. Chéo was so pleasantly surprised, he stopped eating to take the photo. He made sure to document some part for me, it was that good. Thanks babe.

I can honestly say the lobster bisque at B. Christopher’s was one of the best I’d ever had. Ever has seafood that smelled like seafood, and not in the good way? Yea, no: this was so far from that. So rich and creamy with a drizzle of sherry with tiny bits of shredded lobster, I talked Chéo into tasting it. He doesn’t eat shellfish- bad prior experience- but he agreed it was on point.

Chéo ordered from their usual menu: blackened salmon with pesto potatoes, green beans and a red wine sauce. I, on the other hand, went for the surf & turf special: two petit filets with two pan-seared scallops, roasted asparagus and tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and a maitre d’butter sauce.

I don’t know where to start because my meal was so damn good! Scallops perfectly seared, melt in your mouth filets, and mashed potatoes with a consistency like James Harding whipped them himself. The asparagus tips* were tender and the maitre d’butter sauce was the perfect accompaniment to balance all the flavors.

Chéo took his first bite while I was still trying to get a good photo of my plate. And then his second, third, and fourth. No matter what, I had to try his dish. As I started to pass him my bread plate to scoop out a tiny bit of his pesto potatoes, he picked up his whole plate and handed it to me. So I handed my plate to him- what else was I supposed to do?


I tasted his pesto potatoes before my own. They were pretty good, so I wasn’t mad at all. And of course, he said his favorite line: you can make this at home.

After he cut himself a manly bite of my steak and scoop of mashed potatoes, he had another scoop of mashed potatoes. So good!

Crême brûlée for dessert: we’re such creatures of habit. I was so excited to crack the top shell, I forgot to snap a photo and we devoured it. Sorry!

We met our couple friends at home to play drunk Jenga and Three Kings, sip our favorite champagne, and bring in the new year with the ones we love.


B. Christopher’s
210 N. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC

*Yes, I only eat the tips of the asparagus, just like I only eat broccoli florets. I can’t really explain why.



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