Food Prep Made Easy

I can’t recall comfortably cooking in anyone’s kitchen other than my own. Because my dad continued his passion at home once he left the culinary industry, we had pots and pans and appliances out the whazoo. Not everyone’s as fortunate as I am to still have such a disposal at my fingertips, so I’ve had to maneuver and MacGyver- successfully– in other kitchens.

Because I knew I’d be cooking my first Christmas dinner this year for Chéo and I, I need to make this process as simple as possible in the Greensboro kitchen.

I bought a mini food processor! My go-to appliance and best friend, I do not finely chop/grate a thing. And it was on sale for $40- adulting done right. It’s compact and works very well: I just made a jerk seasoning to marinade some chicken and the puree is very smooth. I’m too proud of this purchase.



Sidebar: because Chéo and I are so unconventional, we’re having jerk chicken for Christmas dinner instead of the traditional roasted turkey. Here’s the caveat, I’ve never made jerk chicken. It can’t be that hard, so we’ll see if I return with an actual recipe.


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