Eating for Work: Tucson pt. 4

“For a food blogger, you’re a picky eater…” – the IT Director of my company.

I wouldn’t say I’m a picky eater: I like what I like, I don’t what I don’t, and I stay clear from anything that makes me feel like I’ll puke. It’s that simple.

Scrambled eggs is one of those things that will make me want to hurl. It’s been that way since I was a kid. I’ve learned over the years the tricks to making scrambled eggs an edible dish for me, from milk in the yolks with tons of cheese to egg whites only, but those days are over. There’s something about the smell that won’t even let me swallow it- it’s crazy.

Eggs being the go-to dish to feed the masses, I tend to get a little screwed over in the breakfast department on site and I’m glued to the snack bar throughout the morning before lunch. At the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, the vegetarian option to scrambled eggs is tofu scramble- I learned the hard way our first breakfast. It’s funny, as I saw the server walking in my direction with a plate in hand, I started saying “Please don’t be tofu please don’t be tofu please don’t be tofu…and it’s tofu.” He heard my chanting and offered to bring me something else, but I had to leave breakfast soon and there wasn’t enough time. As I shoved a blueberry muffin from the bread basket in mouth and chugged my coffee, Kim from the banquet staff strolled up and handed me a box with more blueberry muffins and an assortment of fruit. She said she didn’t want me to get hungry- such a sweetheart!

The morning of our next and final breakfast, I was in the dining room making sure everything was set for our attendees, and I heard someone call out my name. Super quick pivot turn. It was the banquet captain. In the sweetest and softest voice, she asked me, “What would you like for breakfast?” I knew they had bacon and home fries at their breakfast buffet, and that’s exactly what I said I wanted. I really didn’t want them to go any further out of the way for me, and everyone knows bacon is a complete meal in my eyes.

When I got to my seat for breakfast, there was a personal plate of muffins waiting for me. As I was on my second muffin, my “special breakfast” was brought to me: a big plate of bacon and home fries. I was in love. Of course all my colleagues at the table teased me about my special treatment, but with a face full of bacon I wasn’t phased.

The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain: good gawd I love that place!



*The banquet staff used beautiful Mexican blankets called serapes to decorate the margarita mixing demo the day before. I asked where I could get one, but I couldn’t find them anywhere they suggested. As we were packing up at the end of the event, Kim (middle) and Bre (left) approached me with a huge box. I was so excited, I hugged them before opening it. It was my very own serape! I swear I almost cried. I can’t wait to see these ladies next fall!

(I know I look crazy in this photo: it was a long weekend.)


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