Boozy Baking

Last weekend’s weather sucked: rain, snow, just cold all together. Refusing to step out into that mess, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get some baking done- boozed up.

For the office, I made a chocolate cake with a very light cream cheese swirl. Baileys was infused in both the cake batter and cream cheese mixture. El jefe literally squealed when he saw the cake in the kitchen, literally. The cake was light and fluffy, not too sweet, and had enough Baileys that you can taste the flavor, but not too much to be drunk. They went like hot cakes, a long with the bunch of hot chocolate bombs (chocolate covered marshmallows) I made.

I went much heavier on the Baileys for the brownies, just because it was a personal batch. I’ve been baking brownies for Chéo since day one, and every time he says “I love that your brownies aren’t dry.” He hates the word moist– it’s pure comedy. I added semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips to the brownie batter, which made them pleasantly dense.

The rest of the Baileys is on standby. We’ll probably drink the rest by Christmas day. I’m on vacation until the new year, let me live.


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