Two Boots & Kirk Douglas is 100!


Today, Kirk Douglas is 100 years old.

This is a big deal for Bob, one of the sales managers in my office, and I mean big; so we celebrated the only way we know how—with food and booze!

When a few of us heard we were getting pizza, we honestly expected Jonny Pepperoni’s or one of those other $1/slice types of pizzerias, but we were proven wrong when Bob printed out menus for his pizza party yesterday. We got Two Boots! I was beyond excited, because for the years I’ve known about Two Boots, I’d never actually tried it.

The two boots are Italy and Louisiana: Cajun-Italian cuisine. The fusion was very obvious with our Bayou Beast pizza, topped with spiced shrimp, crawfish, andouille, jalapeno and mozzarella. By far, one of the best topping combos I’ve ever had!

Bob had us making posters & signing birthday cards for Kirk. There was beer, wine, and tequila involved, so we were down for the shenanigans. Pure comedy!


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