Happy (Shotgun) Thanksgiving pt. 2

Laying on the couch on a Hell’s Kitchen binge, I just finished another plate of leftovers. Black Fridays are meant to do just that. Thinking about our thanksgiving dinner yesterday, it was perfect. I cooked exactly what we wanted to eat and just enough to have leftovers but not go to waste. 

I seem to have a pattern in the kitchen: I cook, I eat, I fall asleep. Nothing completely wrong with that, but when our time together is short, it gets annoying. Chéo didn’t want all my time and energy in the kitchen and we tried to stick to a budget, so we shopped with that in mind and went the semi-homemade route for a few dishes.

I always think back to our first thanksgiving: he tasted my mac + cheese for the first time, and my uncle spilled the beans on how hellbent I was on having everything perfect for him. This variation was a must, since I had to improvise with a few ingredients. I got a little fancy and gave him a few pasta options, along with the classic elbow, and he picked capanelle pasta. 

I was all for roasting a chicken, but cutlets breaded in panko and pan fried is his favorite. We bought two packages of instant mashed potatoes, four cheese and garlic and onion, and combined them for a new flavor. Stove Top stuffing I like, so we made sure to get a box. I try to be a responsible adult and ensure we eat a vegetable with dinner: broccoli never fails. 

Fried chicken, mac + cheese, mashed potatoes + gravy, broccoli in butter + garlic, stuffing, and him: he made my plate and even took the picture for me. Thankful foodie!

Now it’s time for some warm apple dump cake and vanilla ice cream. Of course I made apply dump cake!


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