Happy (Shotgun) Thanksgiving!

Yesterday morning, I had absolutely no intention of writing a thanksgiving post- let’s just say I wasn’t in the holiday spirit. Chéo shared my sentiments, as he wasn’t able to come to NYC for the weekend. After a few minutes of complaining how sad we were to each other, I was on the American Airlines website booking a ticket to Greensboro. 

I’m thankful for same-day round trip tickets priced under $300!

I finished my work day and headed straight to the airport- no clothes, no luggage, just the Nike tracksuit on my back and Uggs on my feet. 

Due to LaGuardia’s lovely construction project taking place (thanks Skanska), their confusing terminals, and their extremely slow shuttle bus, I missed my flight by a few minutes. To make matters worse, I had a layover in Washington D.C..

I’m thankful for the kind people at the American Airlines customer service desk for rebooking me on the next direct flight out for free!

Fast forward to 1am on thanksgiving morning, Chéo and I were putting together some type of menu for two in the aisles of Walmart. We usually have the most random carts: we’ve left the supermarket with milk, eggs, bread, and frying pans, and Febreze. Let’s see what I can come up with. 

Happy (unconventional) shotgun thanksgiving!


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