Halloween Goodies with my Boos

The girls and I gave up a potentially lit party on a Friday night to stay in and pig out and watch movies. It’s a just little too cold for me to be waiting outside on someone’s line to get into someone’s establishment. Just, no. We went to the pizza shop, ordered everything battered, fried, and drenched in oil, and headed back to casa de Brandy to prepare dessert.


We knew we wanted our favorites, cheesecake swirl brownies and s’mores, but we needed to Halloween-ize them. The wheels started turning, and Tameka came through with the black gel icing, so we decided to draw on everything.

Spider web brownies? I mean, it makes sense!


To make the cheesecake swirl brownies, it’s super easy: just prepare the brownie batter according to the box (I used the box, who gon’ check me), mix up your cream cheese, swirl, then you’re done! The cream cheese mixture consists of half a pack of room-temperature* cream cheese, 1/3 cup of sugar, an egg, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a couple squeezes of honey to taste. Pour the brownie batter into a pan. Scoop the mixture into a zip-loc bag and cut off a tiny piece of the corner; now you’re ready to swirl! Using the zip-loc piping bag, draw some spirals in the brownie batter, then using a toothpick/knife/fork, slice through the swirls to create the spider web. Once you’re all swirled and webbed, pop that baby in the oven and bake according to the package with a few extra minutes for the cream cheese.


Once they’re cooled, it’s time to decorate. However, it didn’t quite happen this way for us. A certain someone ::cough coughBrandycough cough:: really wanted to try the brownies, but I refused to let that happen until my spiders were on their webs. In a nutshell, this rich and decadent pan of fudgy goodness was still too warm and my giant spider melted. Kinda fail.


Tameka was on s’mores duty. In the midst of her assembly, I sat in the corner and toasted a couple of marshmallows with my lighter—don’t try this at home!** When the s’mores came out of the oven, we were like a bunch of overly-excited kids about decorating them. Brandy was serious about her witch’s hat.

Tameka’s adorably scary monster s’more.

We got some feedback about that potentially lit party we were supposed to attend- not lit at all. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!


*I tend to forget to take the refrigerated things out of the fridge far enough in advance so they can get to room temperature. As the oven’s pre-heating, put your container of cream cheese/stick of butter/whatever is too cold to use on the stove top—not a burner—and let the heat work its magic.

**Shit, we’re all adults—I’d hope—do what you want!


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