Hey babe, j’eatjet?

My love got a few days off from work and was able to come home for Labor Day- date day is officially on.

It’s a national holiday, everyone’s off from work and school, you’d think a restaurant or two would be open for brunch, right? At least that’s what Chéo swore up and down. Wrong! I don’t know what plethora of brunch specials my love thought I would stumble upon, but the fifty ‘leven* ways I worded “boozy Brooklyn brunch” wasn’t much help. I googled and called different places for a bit, only to hear ring upon ring, which wore my patience pretty thin. Click.

Then I found j’eatjet?**. Typically closed on a Monday, they opened their doors for the holiday and served their unlimited mimosa brunch until 4pm. Most importantly, it was in the opposite direction of the Labor Day Parade traffic. We out.***

About an hour later, we pulled up to 5th avenue & 20th street. The best parking spot was waiting for us outside, we just slid right on in.

j’eatjet? seemed sort of drab and homey from the outside, but I never judge a potentially tasty book by its cover. We walked in to meet a couple of patrons at the bar, and were asked if we preferred an outdoor or indoor table. The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we made our way down the hallways to the cutest little backyard patio I’ve ever seen. A bright mural on one of the walls, sunny with lots of shady trees, picnic tables and classroom chairs, lots of plants and their chalkboard menus that change daily.

We grabbed seats at one of the gigantic picnic tables. Two glasses and a Brooklyn Republic Vodka bottle filled with water was set on the table: big ups for the repurposing and sprinkling a little extra Brooklyn in there. The waiter asked if we were here for brunch- I answered with a grin. More glasses and the first mimosa pour followed shortly.

That day’s menu at j’eatjet? was very eclectic. There were a bunch of my favorites: from burgers, steaks, and my other usual brunch fares, to pierogies, pretzel bites, and wings.


The kitchen was fresh out of pierogies and pretzel bites. Insert mini mental tantrum here. You know the feeling when you have a taste for something specific and nothing else will do? My heart and taste buds were set on those pierogies and pretzel bites! I decided to order something small to nibble on since the mimosa river would be flowing my way for the next ninety minutes. Mac and cheese balls and French toast bites for me, and the waffle burger served with potatoes for him.

Insert another mimosa pour here. 

Our dishes arrived at the table. I completely overlooked the mac and cheese balls because I was in such awe of this beautiful plate of sparkling, sugar-coated, starchy goodness, served with a mysterious pink cream. The French toast bites were so good, they could stand alone- but they were ten times better when dipped in what I later found out was cranberry cream cheese. The waffle burger consisted of everything you’re thinking- plus an egg. Chéo wasn’t 100% please with his burger, but I’ll chuck that up to Chéo being Chéo. The burger lacked some type of moist, saucy element. Usually, that comes in when the yolk from the egg is broken, but unfortunately, his yolk was a tad bit overdone and had no run-factor.

“You could make this at home…”
How could I not love him when he says things like this? We have a waffle maker, and I make a mean burger, so why not!


I lost track of how many times the gentleman had been around to refill our mimosas: it felt like four by the time I stood up to leave.

Everything is made in-house, from the pretzels to the spirits. I took a glance at their variety of beers and cocktails, it’s definitely a drinker’s paradise. j’eatjet is perfect for a night out drinking with my girls, so I’ll definitely be back- pretzels and cocktails for the win!
j’eatjet? Gastrobar
685 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY



*Fifty ‘leven is another way of say a whole lot. From the Ying Tang Twin’s Get Low, the line is “I done been to da club ’bout fifty ‘leven times!”

**The name can be tricky: they’re pretty much asking have you eaten yetj’eatjet?

**We out is just something I say. It’s not even a real sentence, I know!


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