UberEats: Beatnik Parlor

Summer is winding down: kiddies are going back to school, the mornings are getting chilly, and Starbucks is about to a have pumpkin overload. Fortunately, there are a few warm days left. Yesterday was one of them, and today might not be much different. But you’re in luck! Uber is giving away a $10 off Promo Code for your very first order with Beatnik! Based in Brooklyn, Beatnik Parlor is a purveyor of artisan ice cream flavors and hand-crafted cookies. If you’re in the Downtown Brooklyn/Park Slope area, enter BEATNIKEATS into your order, kick your feet back, and enjoy these melt in your mouth delights!

The Velvet Cream!, The Kookie Doodle!, The Jazz!, and The Daddy-O!.

Beatnik Parlor is the brain child of three women who left Sacramento, California and moved to Brooklyn, New York to spread their creative wings and thrive in the city that never sleeps.  Serving the community on an ice cream bike, Beatnik Parlor greatly reflects the hip, lively and “on-the-go” lifestyle that is so prominent in New York City.  The delightful names of menu items and black ice cream cones refer to the Beat culture of the 1950s & 60s.

The ladies of Beatnik: (from left to right) Diana, Tanzania, and Megan.

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