Taco Tuesday: Taqueria de los Muertos

I’m not a huge fan of Tuesday’s; with Monday beginning your week, and Wednesday being jump day, Tuesday is that mystery lunch meat in the sandwich no one really wants. Unless, tacos! That is when I need my day at the office to fly by because I have a hot ménage scheduled with a burrito and a margarita.

Taqueria de los Muertos was on Chase’s list, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Chase, she will always have a list of new restaurants she’s dying to try. I googled and searched and searched and googled, before coming to the realization that this taqueria just doesn’t have a website. Interesting.

Really? In 2016, an establishment doesn’t have a website?

Now, I know “de los muertos” translates to “of the dead; Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated in Mexico to pray for and remember those who have passed. So Taqueria de los Muertos would translate to taco joint of the dead, right? Right?

I booked it out of the office faster than Usain Bolt when 5:30pm came. I took the train into Brooklyn and hopped in the car: Chase and I were on a mission and Prospect Heights was our destination. It was a gorgeous day out, so the garage style door was open. As you walk in, there’s a walkway adorned with tiny little skulls that leads you to the kitchen and register where you place your order.

You order your food, grab a seat, and wait. Seating is limited; we thought we’d have to tag team and do one of those “I’ll stay in line while you grab a seat” ordeals, but luckily there we a couple available tables. Their menu spanned across the wall over the register, and the choices were plentiful. The antijotes menu was short and simple, with street fares like guac and chips and maiz chanclado, but their main courses is where it gets fun. First, you choose nachos, quesadilla, tacos, tostadas, or a burrito, and then decide whether you want it regular, super, or deluxe with add-ons like rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Then you pick your fillings. Typically, I won’t list menu items, but it’s much needed now! So fillings: carne asada, pollo asada, carne enchilada, chili colorado, pollo rojo, leguna verde, mole de pavo, mushroom, and squash. For my non-Spanish speaking readers, leguna verde translates to “green tongue”- of what, I don’t know- so it’s tongue in tomatillo sauce. Interesting, very interesting. Their beans are all vegan: pinto, black, and refried.

After analyzing this menu, it was time to order. Fun fact: I love corn. Preferably on the cob, grilled and charred, it’s one of those nostalgic foods from my childhood, but I digress. So this corn, maiz chanclado, it’s basted in chipotle mayo and topped with cojito cheese: I was literally in the middle of placing my order when he spun around, grabbed a cob out the fridge, and dropped it on the grill. Talk about multitasking and efficiency! I was a little hungrier than I usually am after work. While the tacos sounded great, the burrito sounded even better. Carne asada burrito deluxe with black beans for me! Chase ordered the regular pollo asada tacos. With so many options, I don’t see how anyone can be left unsatisfied!


We grabbed a table, gazed around the restaurant, and took a sip of our Jarritos—mine was tamarind, Chase’s was pineapple. Shortly after, our food was brought out to the table. My burrito was about the size of a new born baby- no lie. I had to get my elbows-out stance together to pick it up. The soft flour tortilla perfectly wrapped around the warm rice and beans, the pull of the pepper jack cheese, and the char on the steak—that first bite was amazing! Chipotle what? Qdoba who? Never again! The mild green salsa was the perfect acidic addition.


I have a strange love for charred food, so that steak will always have a special place in my heart.

Time to try to corn! As much as I love corn, I was a bit weary of the chipotle mayo. I love mayo on a BLT, but I’d never had mayo with corn so I couldn’t really imagine the flavors, but for $3.50 and a new experience, why not try it. It was so good! It was smothered in cheese, but not overpowering, and it didn’t have that very distinct mayo taste I thought I would’ve tasted. There was a slight spice from the chipotle, and the mayo gave it a great buttery flavor. Warning: it gets messy. Like, really messy! Ladies, this is not first date food!


I couldn’t finish my burrito, but I absolutely refused not to. There were huge chunks of that charred steak I loved so much left over, how could I waste it! Doggy bag queen!

I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a brunch menu. It isn’t boozy as I like, but their Mexican French Toast stuffed with Mexican chocolate and caramelized bananas is definitely calling me.

Will I be back? Why’s that even a question, most definitely. I just want to witness someone trying that tongue!


Taqueria de los Muertos
663 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, New York



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