Piraguas in the Summer

August is coming to an end, and I feel like I’ve done nothing this summer but work. Adulting at its finest, right?

Summer- in Brooklyn at least- just isn’t summer to me until I have a piragua. Shaved ice, snow cone, call it what you want, but its my absolute favorite summer treat. The happy dance starts as I watch the little piragua lady rock back and forth, shaving the ice. When it’s really hot, I like to stand close enough to feel the ice shavings hit my skin when they’re flying everywhere. Time for syrup- my eyes light up right about now. Drowned in a sweet cherry (or coconut, depending on my mood) goodness, it’s like a never ending refresher: you take a sip, some ice melts, you take another sip, some more ice melts…

Unless you’re like me and you just start chomping at the ice. It was 101 degrees this day, sue me. 


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