Vegan Friends + Hope & Anchor

After spending a few hours in the sun at the Red Hook Farmers Market and snacking on pickled cucumbers, chips and salsa, and cucumber limeade shots, we were so hungry for something of substance. We packed up the car, hopped in, and Samantha turns the key, but nothing. Not a rev, not a purr—a completely dead battery. This gave us ample time to figure out lunch. Samantha and I were up for anything, but with Nathalie being vegan, we had her choose the spot. It wasn’t long before her googling brought her to Hope & Anchor, where she was pleased to find more than one vegetarian/vegan option.

Standing on the corner of Van Brunt & Wolcott streets, Hope & Anchor is a super cute 1950s-styled, rockabilly-esque diner with pin-up girl décor. It wasn’t very busy when we arrived, so we were seated quickly—greatly appreciated! Their menu was bountiful, with a lot of different burger and beef-less burger options, like salmon and duck. Of course, the vegan of the group had a ton of questions about their options and preparation, and our waiter was very sweet and tremendously patient with us. She finally made a decision and ordered the tofu burger with edamame spread, miso ketchup and green onions. Samantha ordered the lamb burger with red peppers, feta and curry mayo on black olive bread, and I ordered the Red Hook, an angus burger with cheddar, bacon, and grilled onions. All of our burgers came with fries– and for an extra $1, a salad too.

Nathalie’s tofu burger with edamame spread, miso ketchup, and green onions. 

I swear, I blinked and our food was already at our table. I dove right in. I usually grab a fry and just chew on it, savouring the flavor. There’s something special about fries that get to my table and don’t need salt or ketchup. I’m convinced an angel gets its wings.

Samantha’s lamb burger with red eppers, feta and curry mayo on black olive bread.


My Red Hook burger, with fries AND a salad. I felt a little healthy!

Nathalie and Samantha finished their burgers, while I was met with a slight dilemma. This is the face one makes when they can’t finish a burger. I was stuffed with just three more bites to go. Just three! I probably got a bite and a half down and I was on the verge of exploding. The fries didn’t stand a chance though. I’ll always have room for fries. 

Red Hook is pretty far from the small Mill Basin area where I live in Brooklyn. However, their menu is definitely worth the travel, with prices you can’t beat. They have pierogis*, and the apple pie à la mode seems to be calling me. They even serve monkfish!

Yes, I am already planning a brunch or dinner at Hope & Anchor. Who’s in?


Hope & Anchor
347 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY


*pierogis. Google them. Thank me later.


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