Eating for work: Miami pt. 3


I spent four days in Miami, and took one lunch break. Just one. Of course I ate while I was in Miami, my job didn’t starve me or break any labor laws of anything, it just wasn’t the typical “lunch break” where you’d get a little alone time. El jefe was so gracious to give me an hour to grab something to eat before a meeting, so I ran back to my room, threw on my bikini, and beelined to the pool. The poolside menu was similar to the menu at Champs, prepared all by the same chef, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

It was hot out, at least 90 degrees, so I wanted something light. The hummus with olives and pita bread I tried the day before from a ol league was really good, but not enough to keep me satisfied until dinner. I could always go for a burger, but then I remembered I was by the pool and didn’t want an obvious food baby. Turkey Club it is! Roasted turkey, applewood smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato on sourdough toast- with a side of fries and a pickle, of course!

Aren’t the tiny condiments just adorable?

The pool staff knew everyone from our staff at the resort, so they took very good care of me during my break. Lots of ice water, lavender spritzers to keep me cool, and they even brought me a to-go container for the other half of my sandwich!

My sandwich was so good, I made sure to have one more before leaving the resort. A few days after arriving back in Brooklyn, I went to my local deli and ordered another. Turkey clubs are addictive!



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