Sunday Dinner at Print Works Bistro.

Back in Brooklyn from a somewhat lazy week in Greensboro with my love. I unpacked some stuff from the move (his move, mine hasn’t happened yet,) made him an apple dump cake, did a little tanning, and that’s it.

No breakfasts. No dinners. Nothing. 


Last week’s menu was strictly Steak and Shake, Wendy’s, the local soul food spot, and the trusty Printworks Bistro.
My love is a creature of habit- he gets the same meal(s), no matter the restaurant. At Printworks, it’s the grilled salmon. It’s actually pretty good, considering I tend to dislike every salmon dish I try. Served with honey-lime vinaigrette and dill butter over mashed potatoes and French green beans, he’s always satisfied.

I, however, like to mix it up a little. Printworks changes their menu often, so I like to try a little bit of everything while I have the chance. I was craving something hearty, but might. I loved their filet mignon with bacon, basil, and corn creme with crême fraiche mashed potatoes, but it was a little too heavy for our early dinner. I chose the garlic shrimp and zucchini risotto with tomatoes, bacon lardons and crumbled feta. It was smooth and creamy, the bacon made it smoky and salty, and it was filling- pretty much everything I wanted.


And I ordered a side of fries. It’s really starting to become a regular with every meal.


Print Works Bistro
702 Green Valley Road
Greensboro, NC




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