Grow Your Own Stuff

“You have to grow your own stuff.” 
I swear that’s my mom’s favorite line whenever someone starts talking about produce or herbs. My mom studied agriculture in university back in Trinidad, and it’s definitely come in handy.

We have a small 8’x3′ plot in our backyard full of greenery, thanks to Mom. Her first year with the garden, she grew a cornucopia of tomatoes! We were still pretty new to the block, and my mom is super friendly, so she packed a bunch of grocery bags and went to almost every house on the block to give the neighbors bags of her homegrown tomatoes. And it wasn’t just a one-day occurrence, either! That lasted throughout the summer! Mom’s grown bright green peppers, cucumbers as big as your forearm, and she even grew a pumpkin that she didn’t plant. Really! About a year ago, a baby pumpkin just appeared on one of the vines. Mom didn’t plant it, but she didn’t question it either. The pumpkin grew to be so heavy, we had to pick it before the weight made it fall!

Half of that plot is like a fresh spice rack.
Basil, celery, thyme, rosemary, parsley- Italian and flat leaf: if you can think of it,I’m pretty sure she’s growing it. Mom picks bags of basil at a time and leaves them in the sun to dry out, then puts the leaves in the the cabinet with the other herbs and spices for whenever we need a sprinkle for a dish.

There’s something I love about being able to run in my backyard to pick parsley and basil for my tomato sauce. Fresher is better!



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