Happy National Ice Cream Day!

img_8137I’d been looking forward to this day all week, I even drew a little ice cream cone in my planner. The sun was hot and beaming, so ice cream was an appropriate treat for the heat. But where to go? The weather was too beautiful to simply run to the corner store and grab a tub to keep me company on the couch, and Mr. Softee’s truck wasn’t going to cut it. The way ice creameries were developing flavors and techniques, I wanted more. After a little bit of research, I found Brooklyn Bell’s the Local.

Founded in 2011 by husband and wife duo, Ron Cunningham and Kati Duncan-Cunningham, Brooklyn Bell’s the Local offers fresh Brooklyn Bell Ice Cream- by the scoop, pint, or quart- along with other baked goodies, like cookies, brownies, and their sweet potato pound cake.




Time to round up the girls! Chase had a reason to celebrate after getting a 90% on her respiratory care exam, and Danica’s wanted to get in on the #avaeats outings for a while, so this was perfect!



img_8134 I came for the black lava caramel, one of their most famous ice creams.  No wonder they were all out by the time we arrived! It’s super delicious, yet super time consuming to make. There were a variety of flavors left to choose from: Chase had grape nuts , Danica had chocolate peanut butter, and I went with the bananas foster- the rum was calling my name.

You know that feeling you’d get when your scoop falls off the cone as a kid, and you’re fighting the urge to burst into tears? A huge chunk of Danica’s cone fell, and that’s the first thing I thought of. She kept it together, though.img_8138

We’re going back- we’ve already made our minds up. Black lava caramel, we’re coming for you!


Brooklyn Bell’s the Local
843 Classon Avenue
Brooklyn, New York


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