Eating for work: Miami pt. 2

When you’re traveling 30-40 days out of the year for work, your colleagues become your road family. At some time between the whole team arriving on site and the organized chaos starting, we all go out for a staff dinner, aside from the daily catered breakfast/lunch/dinner served at the events. Since this was my first time in Miami, my boss was excited for our dinner at Monty’s Sunset South Beach.

Monty’s was absolutely nothing like I expected: there’s a swimming pool in the restaurant. Not in the restaurant, but outside, smack in the middle of all the tables. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first patron of Monty’s to be skeptical about this pool; I was worried about someone splashing in my food! After a while, I was so busy eating and enjoying the live band that the pool was  no longer an issue.

Our waiter came to take our drink orders, and I decided indulge- just a little. An assortment of beers and cocktails were ordered by my colleagues, but I went with the Pain Remover: gold rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and orange juices, served on the rocks. The numbers designating the amount of gold rum added, went from 1-3. I had a #1, and it was perfect. I said I indulged just a little.

Appetizers for the table were fried calamari, jalapeño poppers, and my boss ordered a great shrimp cocktail, with the biggest, juiciest shrimp you’ve ever seen, and freshly made house cocktail sauce.

I took forever to decide what I wanted for dinner. Everything looked so good! They had a great burger selection, and the nachos I saw at a nearby table looked amazeballs, but I decided on the lobster roll with the most delectable chucks of lobster, served on a buttered hotdog bun, with a side of fries and a pickle.





Everything in life should come with a side of  fries and a pickle!


Thoroughly enjoying my pain remover in the background.


Ahi tuna and a fried whole red snapper were added to the table of beautiful plates. A slice of key lime pie was the shared dessert for the table- definitely too stuffed to have a dessert solo.


Joel’s whole red snapper.


Tom’s ahi tuna.
Yummy key lime pie!



“They don’t call it Monty’s Sunset for nothing!” My boss was certainly right.  The sunset was absolutely beautiful!

If ever in Miami again, I’ll definitely be dining at Monty’s!

Monty’s Sunset on South Beach
300 Alton Rd,
Miami Beach, FL





*The only negative remark I have about Monty’s is their smoking policy: assuming it’s an open policy, since the table of about 6 next to ours all had cigarette and weren’t asked to put them out. That’s just not something we do in NYC. 


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