Bedford Hall: Chase’s first time trying mussels. 

img_6270-1On a Friday afternoon at work, my mind is already on dinner. If there’s one person I know who will always be down for food, it’s my good friend Chase. I had a few restaurants in mind to try, but Chase had her own list of recommendations. She always has some new restaurants in her back pocket to try. After checking out her suggestions, I decided to go with Bedford Hall.

Built (literally) and owned by Calvin Clark, Bedford Hall is beautifully lit outside and has a dim, speakeasy vibe once you step through the door. The walls are lined with old books and photos of neighborhood residents over the last century. With super comfy chairs, Clark understood how people socialized and conversed, and kept that in mind when designing his bar/restaurant/lounge. There’s even a billiards table, and the live DJ had us dancing in our seats the whole time.


Chase and I were absolutely starving. The menu at Bedford Hall had a few personal bar food favorites, like the Lump Crab Cake and Steak and fries, but Chase went for the Mac Attack with lobster and I had the mussels in dijon cream.

Fun fact: Chase has never had mussels. But she’s had oysters. “Aren’t oysters and mussels the same thing?” No, Chase. Mussels are mussels, and oysters are oysters. “But they both come in a shell.” It was like a half statement, half asking for confirmation; I couldn’t help but laugh. I had to sell Chase on the dijon, though. She’s not a mustard fan, but I love it. As I’m trying to explain to her that it’s usually not an overpowering taste of mustard, but just a hint, the waiter interjects with, “It’s not mustard, its dijon*.” ::face palm:: Yea, ok buddy.

Chase’s hot and gooey Mac Attack with lobster arrived, followed by my prince edward island mussels, simmered in a sauce of dijon cream.

img_6225-2The attack in the Bedford Hall’s Mac Attack has got to be the cheeses. The macaroni is smothered by an asiago, cheddar, and parmesan cheese sauce and topped with panko parmesan crumbs before it’s baked until golden brown. If I eat anything with cheese, I’m looking for the pull, and the Mac Attack has it! The lobster was tender and succulent, and I especially loved that they didn’t chop it too finely and it was identifiable in the dish.

The mussels were perfectly cooked, and the taste of dijon in the sauce was very slight. So slight, Chase actually liked it! She said they taste like conch. The crispy bread was a great pairing, so I saved it for last: after eating all the mussels, I used the bread to soak up the rest of the sauce. Yummy!

I don’t drink often, but since this was the first restaurant I decided to visit for my blog, I figured I had a reason to celebrate. The libations menu had drinks named after people who are from the area, like the Lena Horne and the Norah Jones, but I had the Stuyvesant Tea. Jack Daniel’s, Triple Sec, sour mix, and cola: it was a well mixed cocktail and the bartender was generous with the liquor.

Overall, Chase and I had a great experience at Bedford Hall. I’ll be going back for the crab cake, and they have a croissant French toast served with a Bailey’s and brandy infused custard on the brunch menu that I’m dying to try.


Bedford Hall
1177 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Instagram: @bedfordhall

*In the culinary arts, the word Dijon (pronounced “dee-zhon”) refers to a style of prepared mustard that originates in the Dijon region of France.

Source: What is Dijon?


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